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2018 PE Exam Results

This course is a must for a comprehensive review! (April 2018 PASS)

From Robert Reese

The course material is structured in a user friendly manner that is easy to navigate. The modules are conveyed in a clear and concise way that can easily be understood. The visuals and problems th...

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Joshua D. Sopata, P.E. (April 2018 PASS)

From Joshua Sopata

I paid for an in-person PE review course that I attended in conjunction with and prior to purchasing the Online Electrical PE Review course instructed by Zach. I started the in-person class a mont...

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Essential Course (April 2018 PASS)

From Chris Najarian

This package is essential to your study materials. It is basically a must have for the test. Interfacing with Zack is also great. Very quick responses.

Best Online Prep Course (April 2018 PASS)

From Timothy Vella

Zach's Course was an essential factor in my passing the PE Exam on my second attempt. I did not take a review course on my first attempt and learned from that mistake. The video demonstrations a...

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Outstanding Course (April 2018 PASS)

From Maxwell Good

This is an outstanding course. I personally believe there is no better way to prepare for the PE exam than to become actively involved in this program. Zach is an excellent instructor and answers...

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Must do course for Electrical Power PE exam (April 2018 PASS)

From Hannah Payne

This course is an absolute must do for anyone taking the Electrical - Power PE exam. I actually got my degree in Polymer and Fiber Engineering (not EE), and had failed the test 2 times before due ...

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Premium Online Review Course (April 2018 PASS)


As of 4-3-18 at the time of this feedback, this course is already a momentous volume of work in the area of Electrical PE Review. Every subject listed on the NCEES E&C Power Exam specifications...

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Electrical PE Review a Big Piece of the Puzzle! (April 2018 PASS)

From Jonathan Noda

Being out of school for more than 10 years, I knew I needed a review course to prepare for the Electrical PE exam. Luckily, I stumbled on Zach's youtube videos and knew that this would be the cour...

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Best PE Course to pick up right after College!

From Eliseo Gutierrez

I've been out of college for some years now and the small and essential steps earned for lack of practice I've lost. Zach's course is worth the time and money. Youll get your moneys worth based on...

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Just what I needed (April 2018 PASS)

From Nathan Kautzer

I was very nervous after signing up for the PE as I was not the greatest student in my undergraduate studies. Zach's course laid everything out in an easy to follow manner and kept me on track to s...

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My two cents. (April 2018 PASS)

From Avni Elezi

- So many good things to say about this site: first of all I did pass the exam because of THIS class, instructors attentions to detail and the ease of navigating through the course material made it...

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Passed on the First Attempt! (April 2018 PASS)

From Justin Obenchain

I passed the PE Exam on my first attempt, and it was Electrical PE Review that got me there. The course layout is fantastic. The videos are succinct, accurate, and they cover almost all of the topi...

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Invaluable Resource - Highly Recommended (April 2018 PASS)

From Gary Harper

The decision to try a PE course was the right decision for me. I am so glad I stumbled across Electrical PE Review and Zach Stone. I had tried to go it alone several years earlier and failed. Th...

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Cross discipline engineer with limited EE background (April 2018 PASS)

From Joseph Huseman

I accredit this review as my most relevant formula sheets and study material (only thing in front of it would be practice tests (NCEES and there's one at end of Graffeo). Having limited electrical...

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A+ course, no question. 100% worth it, even if just for the printable notes! (April 2018 PASS)

From Anthony Jimenez

I studied for about 5 months for my PE (after passing my EIT 4 months prior, so material was still fresh for me), first 3 months with anything i could find for free online/text books & referenc...

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Simple straight rule to pass PE (April 2018 PASS)

From shubpreet multani

Wow where to start. Guys honestly if genuinely someone is really out there rooting for you and make sure you get the concept is Zach. This is was my 4th attempt but doesn’t mean I didn’t study for...

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Passed April 2018 Power PE Exam! (April 2018 PASS)

From Drew Hammett

After bouncing around other review courses and texts I came across Zach’s video series on YouTube. He broke down many topics that I had been struggling with in a clear and concise manner. With 4 mo...

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Passed on the 1st Try!! (April 2018 PASS)

From Jacquelyn Lojek

This course is a must if you are preparing for the Electrical Power PE exam! What I loved most about this course is you can work through the modules, quizzes and recordings at your own pace at any ...

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One of the Best Courses I've Ever Taken (April 2018 PASS)

From Mark Nakamura

Electrical PE Review was my number one resource preparing for the exam. I spent more than half my study time going through the modules, taking the quizzes, watching the videos and attending every ...

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Power PE Review Course (April 2018 PASS)

From Angelica Hermanto

Unlike other online courses, Zach’s Review course pin points exactly what you need to focus on without wasting a lot of time. The course is organized following the exam format and includes practice...

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Passed my PE (April 2018 PASS)

From phillip szottfried

Really enjoyed the class and thought the classes were very helpful. I was able to play back videos for the problems I did not get. Having the problems solved in multiple ways was also helpful. Goo...

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I was more prepared with Electrical PE (April 2018 PASS)

From Dustin McNeely

I took an online class with Georgia Tech on my first attempt and failed. My second attempt with was a PASS! Zach's website was everything I was looking for that I didn't ...

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Passed on my first attempt (April 2018 PASS)

From Eric Chan

The course was great! The videos were incredibly detailed and made even some of the confusing subjects easy to understand. Their short nature made it easy to jump in and out as life permits.