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Live Weekly Webinar Class of April 2018 PE Exam


There is a total of 11 live webinar classes for the April 2018 Electrical PE review course. These classes are lively, engaging and going at a faster pace. Although you can take these classes and ...

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Best in Class PE Exam Review in America!

From Damian Sower

Zach presents a thorough treatment of the review topics arranged by the NCEES exam specifications. He carefully walked us through each segment. Of particular use is his actual field knowledge of mo...

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The most active online class I've taken!

From Nelson S

This was a really fun class! Agenda is provided prior to class and there is clearly a lot of thought put into the lesson plan and execution. The level of participation was great, higher than many ...

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Knowledge is Power!

From Arturo Arias

My understanding about Electricity has gone from a scale 1-10, it went from 2 to 9. I am super happy learning from the Best PE instructor. The explanation to any electrical problem makes it look...

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Live Weekly Webinar Class (Oct 2017)

From Steven Lewis

I absolutely love the Live Webinar Classes. 3 hours a week in these live webinars were definitely way more helpful than the nightly 4 hour live webinars in my other review course. Thank you for t...

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Simply amazing

From Eklas Hossain

The webinar was marvelous, partly because some of the materials were out of my comfort zone - and a live discussion really helped to go through them. There was also the patience Zach showed to answ...

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Not Just Worth the Money - Worth the Time

From Brian Jacobi

I felt pretty decent about the exam after completing the premium course and working multiple practice exams. The live class was very good for finding my hidden weaknesses and building confidence i...

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Effective and Efficient Webinars!

From Patrick Fam

Zach does an excellent job of keeping all the participants engaged while going over his sections. The occasional pop quiz at the beginning of the class really helped me see where my weaknesses were...

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Concise and Engaging Preparing for the PE Exam

From Jason Juhala

I think that the online webinar sessions have been the most helpful resource I have used in preparing for the PE Exam. Zach is an excellent instructor that presents the material clearly and concise...

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From Carlos Cifuentes

Zach, Your webinar classes are more like weekly virtual classes where students like myself have to volunteer and ask questions no matter how silly it sounds. Some people think they truly know a ...

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Great additional resource

From Seth Newbold

Unfortunately I have not been able to attend any of the webinars live, however they have been a great resource to go back and watch. I really like that Zach posts the full recording once the live c...

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Weekly Webinars

From Sam Thapa

Weekly webinars are absolutely the gem, where we can refresh on what we already know and get clarification for items that we are not sure about. This is a live Q&A time where everyone gets to p...

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Live Weekly Webinar Review

From Mary Kate Panella

Initially I was hesitant on choosing a review class for the PE. I knew I needed one, but was stuck between taking an in-class review with an older company or trying a live on-line class. What made ...

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From Anmar Hiassat

I have studied the whole course before the live webinar starts, however, this webinar was fantastic in sealing all the gaps I thought I has and gave me the opportunity to interact directly and unde...

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From Melanie Parker

The live webinars are great! I love the ability to chat with Zach and the other students during the session. They are fast paced so make sure to have a basic understanding before the class starts.

Fault Current Analysis

From Abhishek Phanse

I must say the explanation provided was extremely fantastic. I really enjoyed learning and kept thinking this would be difficult topic but afterwards I got better hang of PU method vs MVA method an...

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Live class 8 PU & Symmetrical components & FCA

From Rania Genidy

This class made me very confident and understood clearly plus know the common tricks

AC generator and AC Motors

From shubpreet multani

all i can say is i have gone through generator and motor from my books all possible references i could for at least 30 times :( but ,,,, before i took this class i use to run away this topics jus...

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Rotating Machines

From Egis Bulcis

after reading and reading books it still was not clear about synchronous generator, motor and induction motors, what their equivalent circuit, stator and rotor windings and which gets excited. Afte...

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Live Weekly Webinar Class - Transformers, Auto-Transformers, Transformer Losses and Transformer Test

From Jeffrey Beer

Please note - all the live weekly webinar classes are outstanding! I really did not think I would get much technical tools or skills from the Webinar Class. Let me say - was I ever wrong. The ...

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October 2018
PE exam
Live Class

Starts August 2018
Included with your Premium Online Review Course subscription

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Feedback from one of last semester's students

Class Cirriculum and Schedule

Dates of each class for the Oct 2018 PE exam will be announced June 2018.

All classes are recorded and uploaded to the online course for unlimited replays.

Class # Subject Date Start Time Duration
A 1 hour introduction class on how to use the live webinar software. We will cover how to get the most out of the live class, the live class schedule, what you should be focusing on from now until the PE exam, productive study strategies, exam taking strategy specifically designed to get the highest score on the PE exam, and what the engineers that pass the PE exam are doing differently compared to those that are not passing. We will also have a live Q & A.

*Required: Complete the "How to Pass" video series before the introduction class (click here). 

Week 1
August 1st
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
2 Hour

Circuit Analysis:
Single Phase Circuits
DC Circuits
Delta vs Wye
Three phase systems
One line diagrams
Balanced vs Unbalanced Systems
Positive ABC vs Negative BCA Sequence
Phasor Diagrams
Leading vs Lagging
When to use  √3

Two Method Watt-meter

*Required: Complete both Boot camps Prior to class: Power Fundamentals (click here) & Circuit Analysis (click here).

Week 2
August 7th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours

Electric Power Devices & Transformers:
Transformer Basics and Theory
Transformer Formulas and Ratios
Magnetic Circuits (Flux, MMF, Reluctance)
Single Phase Transformers
Three Phase Transformers
Transformer Connections
Transformer Losses
Transformer Tests
Grounding Applications

Week 3
August 21st
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
4 Rotating Machines:

Motors and Generators
Induction and Synchronous Machines
Excitation Coils, Magnetic Fields, Poles
Synchronous Motor Equivalent Circuits
Synchronous Equivalent Generators Circuits
Phasor Diagrams for Machines
Synchronous, Transient, and Sub-transient Reactance
(X, X'd, X''d)

Week 4
August 28th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
5 Devices & Power Electronics:

Relays, Switches, and PLC's
Batteries and Power Supplies
RMS, Peak, and Instantaneous
Calculating Average and RMS
Instantaneous Phase Shifts
DC Offset, DC Value
Ripple (Both Formulas)
Diodes and Thyristors (SCR's)
Half Wave Rectifiers
Full Wave Rectifiers
Three Phase Rectifiers
Smoothing Capacitors
Variable Frequency Drives
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Volts per Hertz Ratio

Week 5
Sept 4th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
6 Power Factor Correction, Power Flow, Load Sharing:
Power Triangle Relationships
Single Phase vs Three Phase
Power Factor Review
Power Factor Diagrams
How do we Improve Power Factor?
What About Multiple Loads?
What about Delta and Wye Loads?
Determining Required Capacitance
Determining Number of Capacitors
Trigonometry Relationships
Geometry Relationships
3 Phase System Power Factor
Direction of Current
Parallel Load Sharing

Week 6
Sept 11th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
7 Transmission Lines, Voltage Drop, Voltage Regulation:
Single Phase Voltage Drop
Three Phase Voltage Drop
√3 Multiplier
Calculating Voltage Drop
Conductor Impedance
NEC Ch 9 Table 9
Calculating Effective Impedance
Calculating Voltage Regulation
Transmission Line Basics
Calculating GMD
Calculating GMR
Line Inductance and Capacitance
Solving for Ohms
Week 7
Sept 18th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
8 Fault Current Analysis, Symmetrical Components, Per Unit System:
Per Unit Basics
How to Select Base Values
Voltage Base With More Than One Transformer
How to Calculate Z Base and I Base
Calculating Vpu and Ipu
Fault Current Analysis Series Impedance
Fault Current Analysis MVA Method
Fault Current Analysis Per Unit Method
Symmetrical Components Basics
Symmetrical Components Fault Circuits
Solving for Three Phase Faults
Double Line Fault
Double Line to Ground Fault
Single Line to Ground Fault

*Required: Work through the Per Unt Example Article before class (click here)

Week 8
Sept 25th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
9 Protection & Coordination:
Overcurrent, and Overcurrent Protection
Fuses, Breakers, Re-closers, Sectionalizers
Instrument Transformers
Multi-ratio CT's, CT Burden, PT's
Device Operation and Control Wiring
Pick Up Settings and Multiples of Pick Up
Time Delay Curves and Settings
Differential Protection
Device Trip Characteristics
TCC Graphs and Coordination
Zone Protection and Backup Protection

Week 9
Oct 2nd
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
Special Applications:
Lightning and Surge Protection
Lighting and Illumination Design,
Cavity Ratios
Engineering Economics
Cash Flow Diagrams
Demand Calculations

Energy Management

Week 10
Oct 9th
4pm PT
5pm MT
6pm CT
7pm ET
3 Hours
End of Class Test
This will be a special class consisting of nonstop live practice problems. I will be challenging you with every exam topic focusing on difficult and tricky questions to expose any last minute weakness that you need to work on before the exam. This class will be one week prior to the exam to give you plenty of time to re-watch and practice after.

This is NOT a lecture and student participation will be highly pushed for. Come prepared, bring your calculator and be ready to be thoroughly tested! 

Week 11
Oct 16th
3pm PT
4pm MT
5pm CT
6pm ET
4 Hours

What's Included

Attend Live

Every Week

You'll get an email calendar invite for each class with a link to access the live webinar that will become active at the start time. Once inside you'll be able to hear by audio, see my screen cast, ask questions in real time, and interact with other students in the live chat room.

Watch Later

As Many Times as you Like

Each live webinar class is automatically recorded then uploaded to the online course the very same night. Incase you can't make it due to a scheduling conflict, or if you'd like to watch it again for extra practice, there are no limits on number of replays.

.PDF Notes

To Download After

I don't believe in reading off power point slides. Each class is live with no canned material. Questions and diagrams will be prepared prior, then everything will be worked out live on screen. The completed notes are then uploaded as a .PDF file for you to download afterwards.

How it Works

Prepare for the topic ahead of time with the online course.

Email me specific discussion points about the subject you'd like discussed.

Ask me to pause, repeat, or clarify when you are stuck or confused.

Bring your calculator and be prepared to answer questions in the chat.

Re-watch the uploaded recording as many times as you need to.

Download the PDF notes of everything that we worked out on screen.

Curious to See What the Live Class is Like?

Sample an entire 3 hour live class from last semester.

Click play to watch one of the April 2017 live classes on transformers:

The live webinar class schedule is included with the monthly subscription to the online course and starts each semester 2.5 Months before the date of the PE exam.

Seats are starting to fill up, reserve your spot now by enrolling in the Premium Course:

Enroll in the Premium Course

About Your Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E.

Zach Stone, P.E.

Course Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E. is a professionally licensed engineer in the state of Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from an ABET accredited university and has rich industry experience in design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of industrial facilities including: power generation, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and automation & controls.

He is currently focusing full time on managing the successful review course for the electrical power PE exam at and giving university seminars on miscellaneous engineering and math courses most notably at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Zach has been the lead engineer and construction project manager on projects in areas of low voltage DC, 120 volt power and lighting, 480 volt to 4,160 volt motor control centers, process measurement instrumentation, & controls, medium voltage liquid filled power transformers, medium voltage substation monitoring and relay equipment up to 69,000 volts, and an assortment of mixed industrial power and controls including emergency troubleshooting and outage planning.

In recent years he has fulfilled the role of front line people leader overseeing the hands on day to day electrical maintenance for a 24 hour around the clock global industrial manufacturing employer in areas of material handling, chemical production, rotating machinery, and power generation with two 50 MW steam driven turbo generators.

He has a passion for teaching and a love for making misunderstood subjects clear by focusing on understanding the fundamentals for simple and intuitive understanding. He passed both the E.I.T. and P.E. exam on the first try and believes that anyone can pass the PE exam with the right personal guidance.

He can be reached at:

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