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Wouldn't have passed the PE Exam without this course. (PASS OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Seth Newbold

I've been out of school for over 4 years, and I failed my first attempt at the Power PE Exam back in April 2017. I signed up for the October test, but was really struggling with motivation and dire...

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From Peter Canono

PASSED the October 2017 Electrical PE Exam. Thank you Zach for passionately sharing your knowledge to everyone willing. Anyone taking the Power PE Exam should consider taking this Online Re...

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A Tough Exam Made Easy With This Course (PASSED OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Danial Malik

This course helped me very greatly with preparing and taking the PE exam. This course is as detailed as it gets and the explanations were very thorough. I studied for this exam for about 9 months a...

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What a great experience! (PASSED OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Michael Wittenberg

Thank you again Zach! The course is excellent! Your class and website is well organized and easy to use. The material was broken down into easy to understand modules. The questions are relevan...

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Electrical PE Review- best PE review course! (PASS OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Kishan Montaque

This course is awesome. The videos are short and to the point. The questions are very similar to the exam questions. It is absolutely worth the investment. This was my second time sitting the exam ...

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I Passed!! (PASS OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Melanie Parker

I truly believe that the reason I passed the October 2017 PE exam was because of This course is a great way to study the topics on the exam. The topics are very organized an...

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Great Online Electrical Power Review Course (PASS Oct 2017 PE Exam)

From Omar Hadid

Great Review course, precise explanation, a lot of examples, I have adopted the online courses as a guidance for preparation to the exam. Zach Stone spent a lot of time through the online courses...

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Fantastic Course Structure! (PASS OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Brian McEnulty

Thanks Zach for a fantastic review class! I found out yesterday that I passed the October 2017 power PE exam on the first attempt! The Electrical PE Review class was the foundation of my studying l...

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Walked Out of the Exam A Few Hours Ago (Update - PASS Oct 2017 PE Exam)

From Brian Jacobi

This course was my primary go-to during study and the notes were my primary go-to during the exam. I waited to write this review until after I took the exam (just walked out a few hours ago). I h...

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Review (PASS Oct 2017 PE Exam)

From Carlos Cifuentes

Your review courses was a tremendous help. You were so detailed on all your notes and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you

Very good course! (PASS Oct 2017 PE Exam)

From Nelson S

If you're taking the electrical PE exam you should take this course! I think starting 3-4mo prior to the exam would be ideal - commit about 20 hours per week studying this course plus practice pro...

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Great place to start your prep (PASS April 2017 PE Exam)

From Darsh M

When I sat down to start my PE prep, I was a little lost. I had spoken to several other people who had taken it before me, and they recommended diving into the prep with online videos and forums. T...

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Passed the Power PE (April 2017 PE Exam)

From Armando Lizardo

The website is very helpful and topics are perfectly bundled for the power PE exam, especially the videos. I remember one question about a paralleling generator, and it was almost identical to your...

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Passed the April 2017 Exam. Excellent course from basic to intermediate

From Fatima Zahra Chippo

After 7 years out of school I forgot everything so I did some research on material needed to prepare me for PE exam and I found this online Electrical Power PE Exam Review Course. This class took m...

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Passed the April 2017 exam!

From Steve Werner

When I first started studying for the PE I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what was the right material to study. The Electrical PE Review course helped me refine my...

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PASSED Electrical Engineering Power PE Exam (April 2017 PE Exam)

From Aaron Fournier

I PASSED!!! I have taken the PE exam 3 times. Statistically speaking, the odds of passing are drastically reduced. However, using Electrical PE Review, I finally passed. Zach is working hard ev...

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Just Excellent! PASSED (April 2017 PE Exam)

From Erdi Kushe

Doubt I would have passed without the help and resources from this course. The step by step breakdown of topics and associated problems was extremely helpful. I struggled with other courses that by...

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Power PE Exam result: PASS :) (April 2017 PE Exam)

From Alexandru Spahiu

When I started studying for the PE exam I had no idea where to begin, what study material I'd need, what strategy should I follow. I looked on the forums to learn about it and started to buy books,...

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Passed on first try (April 2017 PE Exam)

From Zachary Lee

Highly recommend Zach's review course because: 1. Nicely breakdown of the exam topics with short video and to the point review + formulas (aka easily printed out for on the go review and to the ...

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Excellent course! (PASS April 2017 PE Exam)

From kahina lasfer

The online PE Electrical review course was very thoroughly done and targeted for professional people just like me who struggled to find the time to study. The videos were so methodically prepared t...

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Passed! (April 2017 PE Exam)

From Andrew Martino

I thought this was a great review course I love how you can take it at your own pace and it tracks your progress. I have used 2 other PE review courses besides this one and they do not even compare...

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Best resource I have found! (PASS April 2017 PE Exam)

From Jonathan Tribble

Like anyone taking the exam, I want to get my hands on as many resources as possible for test preparation and this one is the best that I have found. The review material is detailed enough without...

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Great overview for PE Power exam (PASS April 2017)

From Catherine Hurley

This course is very easy to follow and has quizzes after every topic which really helps you see where you need to study more. I recommend this course for anyone preparing to take the PE Power Exam...

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The Best Electrical PE course out there! (PASS April 2017 PE Exam)

From Eric Krispin

I began Zach's course in the middle of taking a very expensive popular online video PE study prep course that has many online lectures and books that they send you. This was my second attempt at t...

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Well worth the time! (PASS October 2016 PE exam)

From Mark VanCamp

Time is my most valuable asset and like many people mine is consumed by many things (working full time, wife +3 kids, maintaining a house). When it comes to carving out time to study for the PE ex...

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Excellent Course! (Passed Oct 2016 PE Exam)

From Preston L'Ecuyer, P.E.

This course is a great tool to be used for exam preparation. Not only is the information pertinent, but Zach Stone is very quick to respond to any issues or questions regarding the course or websi...

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First or multiple time taking the test, this is the course that will help you pass! (PASSED OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Zack Jernigan

As a participant in multiple Electrical PE study courses (TM, SoPE) and multiple exams, I have to say, Zach helped me get over hump to pass the PE exam. His course is broken up perfectly so you do...

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Pass the PE on the first try!!! (OCT 2017 PE EXAM)

From Garry G

All, I took the October 2017 PE exam and I passed the exam on the first try. I started studying for the exam fairly early, so this way I won't be stressing when October came. I started my maratho...

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About the Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E.

Zach Stone, P.E.

Course Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E. is a professionally licensed engineer in the state of Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from an ABET accredited university and has rich industry experience in design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of industrial facilities including: power generation, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and automation & controls.

He is currently focusing full time on managing the successful review course for the electrical power PE exam at and giving university seminars on miscellaneous engineering and math courses most notably at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Zach has been the lead engineer and construction project manager on projects in areas of low voltage DC, 120 volt power and lighting, 480 volt to 4,160 volt motor control centers, process measurement instrumentation, & controls, medium voltage liquid filled power transformers, medium voltage substation monitoring and relay equipment up to 69,000 volts, and an assortment of mixed industrial power and controls including emergency troubleshooting and outage planning.

In recent years he has fulfilled the role of front line people leader overseeing the hands on day to day electrical maintenance for a 24 hour around the clock global industrial manufacturing employer in areas of material handling, chemical production, rotating machinery, and power generation with two 50 MW steam driven turbo generators.

He has a passion for teaching and a love for making misunderstood subjects clear by focusing on understanding the fundamentals for simple and intuitive understanding. He passed both the E.I.T. and P.E. exam on the first try and believes that anyone can pass the PE exam with the right personal guidance.

He can be reached at:

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