Power Fundamentals Boot Camp! (Electrical PE exam)

Power Fundamentals
Boot Camp

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Incredible Review Course

From Anthony B

I just finished the Power Fundamentals Boot Camp and loved every bit of it. The course is incredibly concise and easy to follow. Being able to speed up through portions I understood easily, repeat ...

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Power Fundamentals Boot Camp


Excellent teaching of the subject by your ability to explain clearly and graphically Ohm's Laws and Power Fundamentals. I really appreciate the great value you provide to the market place for engin...

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Power Fundamental boot Camp

From aftab sheikh

Simply great! I think you are correct to make this brush up lessons as a prerequisite to start the real lessons. People like me out of school for a long time can relate the actual class and remem...

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Power Fundamentals

From Abhishek Kulkarni

Precise and easy to follow explanations for concepts you think you know but are sure to mess up on!

Excellent Review of Power Fundamentals

From Justin Obenchain

This course was a great way to get back into the power fundamentals. Zach discusses single and three phase power, and does a great job explaining how each of the power formulas is derived. I defini...

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Power Fundamentals Boot Camp is fantastic

From Timothy Valdivia

I've worked as a design engineer for the past 5 years in the water industry and although I've always know how to apply the various power formulas to get answers I needed, I've always struggled with...

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Super review!!

From Robert Reese

The Power Fundamentals Boot Camp is an excellent course to take if you need to brush up on power! The course makes clear sense of all power concepts needed in preparation for the PE exam. The class...

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Power Made Easy

From Martin Holguin

This course makes Power fundamentals easy to understand and the topics are easy to digest in small 15 minutes or less timed sessions. Very well done Zach.

Power BootCamp

From Carlos Cifuentes

Power Boot Camp is an excellent refresher course. Thanks for showing tips and tricks on how to get it done. Thank you.

Excellent breakdown of Power

From Francis Fapohunda

Thank you for de-mystifying the myths in Electrical Power concepts

Great fundamentals review!

From Nelson S

This is a good first step for reviewing single phase and three phase power calculations.

Knowing vs Understanding

From Arturo Arias

This boot camp helped me get the understanding needed to feel confident in taking this part of the PE Exam. Great Job in explaining the single and three phase system.

Power Fundamentals Boot Camp! (Electrical PE exam)

From Jeffrey Beer

The Boot Camp was an excellent review course and definitely sharpened my fundamentals. It was especially helpful clearing up my confusion regarding the three phase & single phase power formul...

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Common mistakes to avoid

Ohm's law with complex numbers

Trigonometry and geometry power relationships

Single phase vs Three phase formulas

I²Z and V²/Z Equations

Reference sheet and case study

Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Power Fundamentals

The core of the Electrical PE exam

90% of the questions I get from students asking for help time after time again can be corrected with a little help by properly understanding how the different power fundamental relationships work.

If you are someone struggling with what seems like the basics, or surprised to find yourself getting problem after problem incorrect don't worry - you are not alone.


Knowledge Is Power

I created this boot camp to show how each and every formula is derived from ohm's law and apparent power to make sure you never miss a question again.

About the Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E.

Zach Stone, P.E.

Course Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E. is a professionally licensed engineer in the state of Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from an ABET accredited university and has rich industry experience in design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of industrial facilities including: power generation, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and automation & controls.

He is currently focusing full time on managing the successful review course for the electrical power PE exam at www.electricalpereview.com and giving university seminars on miscellaneous engineering and math courses most notably at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Zach has been the lead engineer and construction project manager on projects in areas of low voltage DC, 120 volt power and lighting, 480 volt to 4,160 volt motor control centers, process measurement instrumentation, & controls, medium voltage liquid filled power transformers, medium voltage substation monitoring and relay equipment up to 69,000 volts, and an assortment of mixed industrial power and controls including emergency troubleshooting and outage planning.

In recent years he has fulfilled the role of front line people leader overseeing the hands on day to day electrical maintenance for a 24 hour around the clock global industrial manufacturing employer in areas of material handling, chemical production, rotating machinery, and power generation with two 50 MW steam driven turbo generators.

He has a passion for teaching and a love for making misunderstood subjects clear by focusing on understanding the fundamentals for simple and intuitive understanding. He passed both the E.I.T. and P.E. exam on the first try and believes that anyone can pass the PE exam with the right personal guidance.

He can be reached at:



Power Fundamentals Boot Camp


  • Welcome FREE TRIAL
  • Discussion Board FREE TRIAL
  • 1. Ohm's Law With Complex Phasor Values FREE TRIAL
  • 2. Complex Power Fundamentals
  • 3. Complex Power Trigonometry and Geometry Relationships
  • 4. Complex Power Examples
  • 5. Complex Power V²/Z and I²Z Equations
  • 6. Complex Power - V²/Z
  • 7. Complex Power - I²/Z
  • 8. Summary - V²/Z and I²Z Equations
  • 9. Single Phase Power Examples - Using all formulas FREE TRIAL
  • 10. Three Phase Power Introduction
  • 11. Three Phase Power V²/Z and I²Z Equations
  • 12. Three Phase Power Exmples - Using all formulas
  • 13. Phasor Diagrams: Single Phase vs Three Phase Power Visualized
  • 14. Circuit Diagrams: Single Phase vs Three Phase Power Visualized
  • Power Fundamentals Case Study (PDF Download)
  • Power Fundamentals Reference Sheet (PDF Download)

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