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Let's focus on what you need most to pass the Electrical PE exam.

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The best experience ever!

From Maysam Radvar

Few days before the PE exam, I had difficulties with solving Power Electronics questions showed in NCEES sample exam or few other available exam prep materials. There were also few other areas tha...

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Highly Recommended for Those Trouble Areas

From Gary Harper

I just had my private One on One private tutoring session with Zach. It was a tremendous help. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a nice casual experience very similar to his weekly online...

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Great tailored tutoring to get you ready for the PE Exam

From Eliseo Gutierrez

If you've gone through the review course and feel some areas you need a little tweaks to get you prepared for the PE Exam I highly recommend having a One on One tutoring with Zach. He helps you und...

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Bought two sessions, WORTH IT!

From Jonathan Zisko

Zach is really good when you're 1-on-1. He obviously spends a lot of time preparing for your session and he provides the video and notes afterwards. I bought two sessions for $500, and he gave me m...

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Another great resource!

From Jonathan Tribble

I have been using the online course at for a lot of my studying for the upcoming PE exam and recently had the pleasure of a few private tutoring sessions. Zach takes the tim...

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Tutoring Course Review

From Earl Gaffud

I was one of the fortunate few to be able to win the private tutoring course with Zach. Although it was free, Zach treated it like a paid session. The set up was a nice touch, as we were grouped ...

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Fault Current Analysis & Rotating Machines Sessions

From Omar Hadid

Very helpful sessions and a lot of information which helped to understand these topics.

Great Review and great approach to solving problems!

From Saurabh Chatterjee

I have recently come across Zach's course material. I was a winner of a webinar contest and got an opportunity to study with Zach on his one on one tutoring. He is simply great and clear on the con...

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Really good for Hard topics

From sudarshanreddy byreddy

Private tutoring really helped me to understand the hard topics.

How it Works

Private one on one live webinar setting

Video recording and .PDF notes are yours to keep

Communicate with live audio

Master your difficult subjects

Work out practice problems

Master difficult subjects and theory

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Let's focus on what you need the most to master the exam topics!

Featured Review

From Jonathan Zisko

"Bought two sessions, WORTH IT!"
(Passed April 2017 PE exam)

Zach is really good when you're 1-on-1. He obviously spends a lot of time preparing for your session and he provides the video and notes afterwards.

 I bought two sessions. You may think that he is charging $250/session, but he really isn't. When you factor in how much he prepares and what he gives you per session, his hourly rate is much less than that. He does not charge like therapists or lawyers, where you get charged by the hour, but only get 50 minutes.

He makes sure you understand and that you cover the things you need to. If that means a few extra minutes, or more, then he is prepared to do that for you. He coordinates with you ahead of time and gets to know what your expectations are, discusses what he can fit in the session, and then you go from there. If you have extra questions, he makes sure to go over them. If things are taking too long, he will suggest further study by referring to other sources, or you can press on with that topic.

He tries to cram as much into the time as possible in order to give you the best value. If you work for him by providing examples and reasons why you struggle with them, that only makes the lessons more valuable and worth while (and financially worth it) because he can target the exact thing you are struggling with. This is freeing on so many levels since you are able to solve problems you struggled with and understand topics better that you may only been able to "get by" on.

This is worth it about 3-4 weeks before the exam after you take a timed test (I did my timed test with the NCEES exam) so that you can find out your weak points and you can give that to Zach to help correct. I took it a little later than that, but looking back would try to do it a little earlier than I did (took it the week prior to the exam, both sessions).

It worked for me, and the material that we went over paid dividends come exam time. It seems steep, but if it means being more equipped to pass, isn't it worth it? You can hunt resources and references all day to explain things you are struggling with, or have them targeted and resolved in one pass.

I was very happy with what we were able to accomplish, and it is worth the money!

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About Your Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E.

Zach Stone, P.E.

Course Instructor

Zach Stone, P.E. is a professionally licensed engineer in the state of Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from an ABET accredited university and has rich industry experience in design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of industrial facilities including: power generation, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and automation & controls.

He is currently focusing full time on managing the successful review course for the electrical power PE exam at and giving university seminars on miscellaneous engineering and math courses most notably at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Zach has been the lead engineer and construction project manager on projects in areas of low voltage DC, 120 volt power and lighting, 480 volt to 4,160 volt motor control centers, process measurement instrumentation, & controls, medium voltage liquid filled power transformers, medium voltage substation monitoring and relay equipment up to 69,000 volts, and an assortment of mixed industrial power and controls including emergency troubleshooting and outage planning.

In recent years he has fulfilled the role of front line people leader overseeing the hands on day to day electrical maintenance for a 24 hour around the clock global industrial manufacturing employer in areas of material handling, chemical production, rotating machinery, and power generation with two 50 MW steam driven turbo generators.

He has a passion for teaching and a love for making misunderstood subjects clear by focusing on understanding the fundamentals for simple and intuitive understanding. He passed both the E.I.T. and P.E. exam on the first try and believes that anyone can pass the PE exam with the right personal guidance.

He can be reached at:

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